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Declutter Your Home Hassle-Free with Anytime Moving's Junk Removal Service!


Simplify Home Organization: Choose Anytime Moving for Effortless Junk Removal!

Effortlessly clear household clutter with Anytime Moving’s Junk Removal Service. Our comprehensive offering includes the removal of a wide range of items, from electronics and appliances to mattresses, carpets, TVs, and both old and new furniture. Rely on our expert residential movers to professionally handle the disposal of household waste, ensuring a seamless and efficient process.

Tackle the task of junk removal effortlessly with Anytime Moving’s Quick Pickup services – book now for a hassle-free experience. Skip the challenges and let our professional team manage the same-day cleanup and removal of everything unwanted. Sit back and relax as we take care of your junk removal needs. Contact us at to schedule your prompt and efficient service.”

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Scrap Metal Removal

Choose Anytime Moving for Scrap Metal Removal and effortlessly clear away those unused metal items cluttering your space. Our dedicated team of junk removal specialists is prepared to tackle your needs with precision and efficiency, going the extra mile to ensure your scrap metal is responsibly and professionally removed from your premises. Trust us to expertly handle the entire removal process seamlessly, leaving your space clean, organized, and uncluttered for your convenience.

Residential Junk Removal

Elevate your living space with Anytime Moving’s Residential Junk Removal service. Our all-encompassing residential moving services go beyond mere transport; we pride ourselves on effectively clearing out rubbish from various living spaces like apartments, houses, and condominiums.. Count on us to responsibly dispose of furniture, appliances, carpets, electronics, old mattresses, yard waste, and various household junk, ensuring a clutter-free and refreshed living environment.

Workplace and Office Junk Removal

Experience streamlined Office Junk Removal with Anytime Moving’s expert team. Our office movers and junk removal specialists are ready to efficiently clear out unwanted furniture, computers, printers, or supplies from your workspace. Specializing in commercial rubbish removal, we guarantee swift and secure services to declutter your office space effectively. Let us handle the heavy lifting while you focus on your business operations. Contact us today for a clutter-free office.

Construction Site Junk Remova

Trust Anytime Moving for efficient Construction Junk Removal. Our specialized team handles the task of clearing trash from retail and construction sites, alleviating the burden of disposing of unwanted items. Our services adhere to environmentally responsible removal practices, ensuring a clean and sustainable approach to junk removal.

Garage Organization and Cleanup Services

Elevate your space with Anytime Moving’s Garage Cleanups. Whether it’s post-home renovations or pre-move decluttering, we’ve got you covered. Say goodbye to the hassle of handling trash and junk on your own – our professionals are ready to take care of the heavy lifting and disposal, ensuring a seamless cleanup experience for you.

General Trash Removal

Prioritize a clean and healthy environment with Anytime Moving’s General Trash Removal service.We are committed not only to removing both metallic and non-metallic objects from your living and working environments but also to promoting a clean, germ-free space for healthier living. Choose our dedicated service for a comprehensive approach to maintaining a pristine environment.

Appliance Recycling and Disposal

Effortlessly dispose of appliances with Anytime Moving’s expert junk removal service. Our team swiftly removes your appliance, ensuring proper disposal and eco-friendly practices. Choose us for prompt, efficient, and responsible appliance removal solutions. Trust us to handle it with care and professionalism. Contact us today for hassle-free appliance removal that prioritizes your convenience and the environment.

Efficient Corporate Relocations: Seamless Moves with AnyTime Moving

Experience smooth corporate relocations with Anytime Moving. Our expert teams ensure efficient moves for businesses. Regardless of your company’s size or location, our movers are ready to assist. We customize plans to fit your budget and timeline, ensuring stress-free relocations.

Experience transparency with Anytime Moving's upfront rates. We provide clear and honest pricing, ensuring no hidden fees, so you know exactly what to expect for our services. Our dedicated team takes the time to understand your project requirements, guiding you on the most suitable service that aligns seamlessly with your budget.

Discover Environmental Excellence with Anytime Moving's commitment to sustainability. As a premier junk removal company, we prioritize recycling and responsible waste management. With our expert service, you can trust that your waste will be disposed of responsibly, minimizing environmental impact and contributing to a cleaner, greener future.

Experience budget-friendly solutions with Anytime Moving. Our affordable removal services provide a cost-effective solution for all your unwanted items. Say goodbye to the hassle of paying for multiple trips to waste disposal services; opt for our one-time payment option that covers all your waste disposal needs.

Efficiently reclaim your time with Anytime Moving's professional services. Eliminate the stress of personally managing disposal bins. Our punctual junk removal specialists will arrive at your location, swiftly and responsibly remove everything you need to dispose of, and ensure environmentally friendly treatment for a hassle-free experience

Maintain a pristine environment with Anytime Moving. Neglecting regular cleaning leads to dirt and debris build-up, which can emit hazardous gases, jeopardizing our well-being. Our team of devoted experts delivers thorough services, addressing any potential health risks to ensure your environment remains safe. Choose our services for a clean, healthy, and safe environment

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  • Efficient Corporate Relocations: Seamless Moves with Anytime Moving
    Experience smooth corporate relocations with Anytime Moving. Our expert teams ensure efficient moves for businesses, minimizing disruptions. Regardless of your company’s size or location, our movers are ready to assist. We customize plans to fit your budget and timeline, ensuring stress-free relocations.

Let Anytime Moving's professionals handle your office move. Request a free quote or call to streamline your move today!"

Jason KingJason King
02:02 13 Jul 24
Best moving experience I’ve ever had! These guys are great!
Zoe GutierrezZoe Gutierrez
03:56 07 Jul 24
We had a super big and complex move after a fire. The house was a mess lolThese guys were caring, attentive and responsible. They took time to take care of everything. I couldn’t have asked for anything better. Thank you so so much Moin and your awesome team 🙏🙏😊😊
ali vaziriali vaziri
01:28 07 Jul 24
I have good experience to moving , additional sam and soheyl are nice and friendly guys, everything is great 👍
Anne hoskingAnne hosking
22:34 05 Jul 24
Great move! Soheil and Sam were quick and polite and very helpful. Stress free move. Thank you very much😀
Sheldon WallaceSheldon Wallace
23:22 04 Jul 24
Fantastic job, super easy to deal with and they managed to move more than one 1000lbs boilers in a really restricted area but they easily pulled it off!!!Highly recommend
Ade AdeniyiAde Adeniyi
05:49 01 Jul 24
Exceptional movers! They were professional, patient, and always willing to help. They went above and beyond to make my move smooth and stress-free. Highly recommend both Soheil and Sam
Antonella BullenAntonella Bullen
23:16 30 Jun 24
This is now the 3rd time I use Anytimemoving, and again I am very pleased with their service! Soheil and Sam worked tirelessly, until every last box was moved (and there were a lot)! They did it all with a smile and never made me feel like any request was a bother. Courteous, friendly and efficient. Anytimemoving is really anytime moving; they are always willing to accommodate your schedule. Highly recommend!
Amit RattanAmit Rattan
20:50 30 Jun 24
Thanks to Moein, Korosh, Ahmad,Hemad for moving my stuff with great quality and speed.
Rachel WollenbergRachel Wollenberg
03:20 30 Jun 24
Great experience moving with anytime!! Prompt and professional and lovely people. Everything arrived in one piece and they were very accommodating. Would absolutely use them again.
Daniyar AbdrakhmanovDaniyar Abdrakhmanov
02:13 29 Jun 24
Great moving service. Very nice workers quite friendly and effective. Thank you Sibelius and Sam
Linda ZayacLinda Zayac
03:23 28 Jun 24
These guys were excellent! Very fast, efficient and friendly. Would definitely use them again.
Fabio GonzalesFabio Gonzales
19:15 24 Jun 24
Great team! Highly efficient, kind! It was a pleasure. We highly recommend 🙂
Suman RanganathSuman Ranganath
22:51 19 Jun 24
Moein and Sam were very kind and efficient. They were easy to communicate with and arrived at agreed time. Thanks a lot!!
Sepideh MasoumiSepideh Masoumi
02:13 17 Jun 24
I highly recommend Anytime Moving Services to anyone in need of reliable movers. their dedication and hard work made my moving day a pleasant experience.
Mostafa Momeni ZadehMostafa Momeni Zadeh
21:29 15 Jun 24
I’ve moved homes on several occasions, but my recent move from West Vancouver to North Vancouver with Anytime Moving was a cut above the rest. My wife and I have a deep love for wooden home decor, and our collection is quite extensive (and valuable!). We were understandably nervous about entrusting our treasures to just anyone.From the moment they arrived, the Anytime Moving team put our minds at ease. Their professionalism and attention to detail were evident in every step of the process. They treated our delicate wooden carvings, antique furniture, and hand-crafted wall hangings with the utmost care.What impressed me most was their genuine passion for their work. They weren’t just movers; they were artisans themselves, appreciating the craftsmanship and value of each piece.The move was seamless. Not a single scratch or dent! It’s clear why they’re considered Vancouver’s top moving company. If you’re looking for movers who understand the value of your belongings and treat them as their own, Anytime Moving is the way to go.
soheil pooraghasoheil pooragha
20:32 13 Jun 24
As a new immigrant adjusting to life in Canada, the thought of moving from Victoria to Burnaby filled me with excitement. But with limited belongings and unfamiliarity with the city, the logistics of moving seemed daunting. Thankfully, I found Anytime Moving Vancouver.From the first call, they were understanding and reassuring. They took care of everything, from packing my few belongings to navigating the unfamiliar streets of Burnaby. The movers were so respectful and efficient – I felt completely at ease.Best of all, there were no hidden fees or surprises. The price they quoted was exactly what I paid. And they were punctual – not a minute late!If you’re looking for the best moving company in Vancouver, look no further. Anytime Moving made my transition smooth and stress-free, allowing me to focus on settling into our new life together. Highly recommend them!
Amin RahimiAmin Rahimi
00:17 12 Jun 24
I had a very pleasant experience moving all my furniture from North Vancouver to surrey central , they fully wrapped up my mattress for extra protection and packed and moved all my stuff and very gently and helped me bring them to floor 27 to my new apartment
Taha PoorjamTaha Poorjam
21:16 07 Jun 24
I appreciate the company due to the convenient moving I had last week. The most reliable and professional in vancouver.
Hafizullah SayeediHafizullah Sayeedi
06:51 04 Jun 24
I was worrying about my all my fragile stuff before move but this company did a professional job like wrapping with blanket and packing my 65 inch tv. their arrangement for stuff in the truck was mind blowing to me and they figured out everything very carefully.Thank youMoein and Sasan
Farid Ahmad MahmoodiFarid Ahmad Mahmoodi
07:45 03 Jun 24
I did my move with this company and everything was perfect specially when they did wrap and handled my piano to the second floor (23 stairs) and they won an Oscar.Thank you supermen
Abdul Saber RabieiAbdul Saber Rabiei
07:18 03 Jun 24
Today the (Anytime time moving) did a perfect job.They were on time an had Great customer service beside they were Polite moversAnd they did my two bedroom move in an unbelievable course of time with a low bill.I really recommend them if you want to have a perfeccct job.
Zahra RasianZahra Rasian
02:00 02 Jun 24
I called Anytime Moving to move some furniture and a mattress. They were on time and completed the job including loading, travel and unloading in just 3 hours. I paid almost half price comparing to others companies. They took care of my furniture as much as they do for themselves. I received every thing in original condition without any damage.Thank you for your professional job.
Gurpreet KaurGurpreet Kaur
01:37 01 Jun 24
Rob and Hemad did amazing job with moving our whole apartment. Everything was packed very well and moved and put in the place perfectly. The guys were very kind and they helped us move quickly. Highly recommend them.
04:23 25 May 24
I asked Anytimemoving for four people to move my home furniture. They arrived at my address in Squamish on time and completed their work without damage. They were all friendly. I thank them all and wish them good luck.
Winnie LamWinnie Lam
22:16 24 May 24
Efficient services and friendly people!!
Sierra MarieSierra Marie
21:49 24 May 24
These guys were awesome! Very very helpful. They moved everything, even stuff I was going to move myself. They ended up at the wrong address and deducted 30 minutes off which they didn’t need to as the place I was moving too was quite a trek! They were super friendly and super fast. Very professional! I’d definitely recommend them and hire them again.Thank you guys very much!
Yuvraj MagooYuvraj Magoo
02:42 23 May 24
I had very bad experience with anytime moving services because there workers were drunk and they had damaged many things of my furniture and home and after this they also refused to give me claim so i will recommend to all people to avoid this company
harry & davinder bharry & davinder b
21:33 22 May 24
Moein and Sam were helpful in moving us and we highly recommend using Anytime Moving for all your moves in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.
Alireza SharifatAlireza Sharifat
21:57 20 May 24
The service provided was truly outstanding. They arrived exactly on time, which I really appreciated. The team was incredibly friendly and made the whole experience pleasant. Their skill and expertise were evident in the quality of work they delivered. On top of that, their prices were very reasonable, offering great value for the service provided. I am extremely happy with their service and will definitely recommend them to anyone in need. They exceeded my expectations in every way!
Muhammet LainaMuhammet Laina
21:52 20 May 24
Excellent service. Prompt, courteous, and professional. Prices are fair, and the quality is outstanding. I highly recommend them!
Ali XAli X
21:50 20 May 24
Great experience. On time, friendly, skilled, and reasonably priced. Very happy with their service. Highly recommend it.
Mojtaba SalehinejadMojtaba Salehinejad
21:37 20 May 24
The team was super friendly and helpful. They took great care of all my things and made the move easy and stress-free. They arrived on time and worked quickly. I was so happy with their service and would recommend them to anyone who needs to move. Thanks,anytime Moving Company, for making my move so smooth!
Faghihe HassaniFaghihe Hassani
03:28 19 May 24
I recently used Anytime Moving for my relocation, and I couldn’t be happier with their service. The team was professional, efficient, and handled my belongings with great care. From start to finish, the entire process was smooth and stress-free. Highly recommend!
Alan SiadatAlan Siadat
22:32 18 May 24
They are the best for delivery
Mital PatelMital Patel
05:56 17 May 24
My experience with Get Movers was very easy and professional. They showed up on time and no issues at all. The two workers that did my job were great and very easy to get along with. I would recommend them for any move👍🏻
Rob YoungRob Young
05:44 16 May 24
Moved with Anytime today. They were amazing. Fast & professional and took really good care of our stuff. The fellow on the right side of photo had a really positive attitude as well. Highly reccomend!
19:34 13 May 24
they tried to charge me extra fees on the spot, claiming it was for “unexpected circumstances,” despite everything being clearly outlined in our agreement.Save yourself the stress and headache; do not use these movers
19:25 13 May 24
Movers were working slow to increase my bill I will not recommend this company
Justin VargasJustin Vargas
22:21 12 May 24
Moved from Abbotsford to Chilliwack with a week inquiry and same day confirmation! 10/10 would recommend. Well done!
Harshpreet SinghHarshpreet Singh
23:21 07 May 24
My move was horrible today the movers damaged my tv and refused to accept that and i so much headache after hiring them. So think 1000 times before moving with anytime
22:59 07 May 24
My recent move was a complete nightmare thanks to Anytime Moving Services, whom I hired. First of all, I felt abandoned and irritated by their terrible customer service, which included being impolite and dismissive to my questions. The movers arrived late on the day of the move without warning, which resulted in needless delays and annoyance. Furthermore, they handled my goods carelessly, breaking several of them beyond repair. They tried to charge me more money for things that were ostensibly covered in the original price, which just made matters worse. All in all, I had a terrible experience with Anytime Moving Services.
Jesse BullenJesse Bullen
02:15 30 Apr 24
Great efficiency at our pickup location and unloading at our storage unit! Amir and Moein made our move run smoothly and stress free! We needed a plan B and they went out of their way to make sure the move was complete by our move out date. I highly recommend this company; great value at a reasonable price.
Adeshna KowlessurAdeshna Kowlessur
21:02 29 Apr 24
Moein and Mohamad were great at helping me move. Great communication, punctual and fast!
sarah beyramabadisarah beyramabadi
17:28 22 Apr 24
Excellent service. I am very happy that I worked with Anytime Moving.Helpful, professional, friendly and PICKUP AND DELIVERY on-timeTHANK YOU SO MUCH
Tina NazemzadehTina Nazemzadeh
20:17 21 Apr 24
I had a fantastic experience with Anytime Moving Services right from the start. They quickly responded to my request and patiently answered all my questions before the move. Their pricing was fair, and they paid meticulous attention to every detail. They wrapped all my furniture securely, handled delicate items like art and mirrors with care, and loaded the truck with expertise. Nothing got damaged. When we arrived at my new home, they were polite and made sure everything went into the right rooms. I do appreciate their professionalism. I couldn’t be happier with their service in such stressful time and highly recommend them.
Sweera ChahalSweera Chahal
00:58 15 Apr 24
I had a lovely experience working with Anytime Moving Services. They sent two really friendly and polite gentlemen to help me with my move. It was very smooth and quick. 100% recommended!
Sara Hsu (許迎双)Sara Hsu (許迎双)
23:47 08 Apr 24
I had a really good time with Anytime Moving today. They were super nice and professional from start to finish. The guys were awesome: they knew what they were doing, worked fast, were patient, talked well, and were just really nice people. Thanks for making my move stress-free! I definitely recommend them.😊
Gholamreza MohammadyGholamreza Mohammady
07:13 28 Mar 24
Anytime Moving Vancouver exceeded my expectations with their junk removal service. I had compared quotes from several companies, and Anytime Moving Vancouver offered a competitive price that they were happy to match. The team arrived on time, worked efficiently, and took care to clean up the area thoroughly afterward. Their professionalism and friendly demeanor made the whole process stress-free. Highly recommended

Anytime Moving: Your Journey, Our Commitment - Anytime, Anywhere, Every Step of the Way

  • Booking & Scheduling moving company
    Confirm the booking along with the moving date and time.
  • Packing & Preparation
    Pack yourself or hire moving company for professional packing.
  • Loading & Transportation
    On time and safely load your belongings onto our trucks.
  • Unloading & Unpacking
    Upon arrival, we help you unload, unpack, and settle into your new place


Junk removal services typically handle a wide range of items including old furniture, appliances, electronics, yard waste, and general clutter. However, there may be restrictions on hazardous materials like chemicals, paint, and asbestos, which require special disposal methods.

 The cost usually depends on the volume of junk to be removed, measured in terms of truckload or by cubic yardage, and the type of materials. Some services might charge additional fees for items that require special disposal methods or more labor to remove.

It’s helpful to gather all the junk in one accessible area if possible, or at least separate the items to be removed from those you wish to keep. This speeds up the process and helps avoid any confusion about what should be taken away.

Many junk removal companies prioritize environmentally friendly practices by donating usable items to charities and recycling materials like metal, electronics, and plastics but the others may focus primarily on collection and transportation, leaving the sorting and recycling process to specialized recycling centers.

Often, junk removal can be scheduled within a few days, and some companies offer same-day or next-day service. Availability can vary, especially during busy times, so it’s best to book as early as possible.

After removal, junk is typically taken to a processing facility where it is sorted. Usable items may be donated, recyclables are sent to appropriate facilities, and the rest is disposed of in accordance with local regulations.